Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Doesn't sound SOOOOO yummy?

Now that I'm actually going down the photography route I think it's about time things change around here. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right. I have lots of exciting ideas which will take Alex Beadon Photography to where I eventually want it to be, and as a strong believer in steps, I plan on getting there one step at a time.

Step 1 - I need my OWN blog/website!!
I hate this!!! It feels so unprofessional and cheap, and I'm neither of those things. I need a domain that can represent me by acting as both my blog and my website. Therefore it needs to have the appropriate links and functions that a website has, be easy to use and accessible, but still let me blog on a regular basis.

If you have any advice, ideas, or knowledge on making a website/blog - or if you know of people who do - PLEEEASE let me know! Get in touch by either commenting below, emailing me, facebooking me, or even give me a call! I need all the help I can get :) - so any advice would be appreciated!!!

And because a post isn't a post without some pictures, here they are:

Before I go, just a reminder that if you have any suggestions/advice/help in relation to having my own blog domain name and website, please let me know!!


Contact me at:


  1. Hi dear :) I do have some advice for to email me about it? I recently made the switch (still working on the blog) so I have some tips/pointers if you're interested!

  2. Love the morbid nature theme today! lol :)

  3. If you want a more professional look without it costing you an arm and a leg, check this one out:
    It's probably the most popular one out there. (I use it too!) Rebecca :D

  4. Hi! I can recommend - they offer great websites and they now also have blogsites. I personally use portfoliositez for my website and for my blog.

  5. Good for you! A strong web presence is key. I do have some suggestions and companies for you to check out, but I'll email you. Loving the "nature" theme today. Amazing images as usual... you are uber talented. :-)

  6. Try They aren't that expensive and very easy to use. They also have lots of tutorials to help you get started. Hope this helps.

  7. You can buy a domain from anywhere (I bought mine from go daddy) and they can host it for you. I have my blog through wordpress and got the template from Tofurious. If you want more details you can email me! Good luck!

  8. if you want a cheap option check out my site.

    I have bought my domain site for 8.00 a year then use blogger to host my site...all done with blogger and flickr...
    good luck!