Tuesday, 1 September 2009

If I ever own a fruit farm, I hope it's just like Clives Fruit Farm ;)

Yay!!! I finally have internet! I have a few things to post, but I'll try and spread them out to keep the sanity ;).

If you're ever in the Upton Upon Severn area, you have to check out Clives Fruit Farm. They sell amazing food, all of which either comes directly from their farm, or from the local area. It's a great place. Great food, great location, great people. What more could you ask for?

Mom and Lizzie really want chickens as pets ... (I have no idea why) ... so Lizzie and I walked up to the woman at the till and asked if they were selling any of their chickens - to which she responded that she wasn't sure, but how did we feel about buying peacocks?? Here's the momma peacock with her cute babies :):) ... (needless to say - we ended up not buying any animals that day haha)

And here is last week's photo-a-day that I missed due to still having no internet (Thanks, Sky)

Weekly Photos

24th August, 2009
It wasn't until I got home and was scrolling through my photos from London that I found this. A normal picture of a typical red bus on some random street in London. But on closer inspection, the bus driver is pulling a face and striking a pose haha. I found this hilarious and love the guy for it. I wish I could send him this photo :) haha. It's not even that special of a photo - it was night time, my ISO was way up high, so the picture came out grainy and slightly blurry. Nonetheless, I love it, and it made me smile. Thanks Mr Bus Driver.

25th August, 2009
This is really just to show Pia the garden behind ours. There's a path through there .. whether or not you can actually pass through it, I doubt it haha.

26th August, 2009

27th August, 2009

28th August, 2009

29th August, 2009

30th August, 2009

That's everything for now :) :) ... But there's lots more to come so stay tuned ;)

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  1. Love the shots of the blueberries in the bakset and the bottle tops with the stars - awesome shots! :)

  2. I love, love, LOVE your work. LOVE. Please come to the US so we can be besties.

  3. Best bus driver ever. Why aren't ours that cool?! Hah! I adore the shot of the girl with the puppy through the window, and the clouds are incredible. Beautiful photography, Alex.

  4. Thanks so much for coming by the blog! I just love this post and all the fruit farm pics.... well.... all of them really. Makes me long for summer to never end. Lovely work.

  5. i love your work!! we both from the same place too :) I'm in the US as of now but will be returning March of 2010! Thanks for the photos--they truly made my day, Alex :)

  6. I love visiting family farms! They are all great photos but #11 the close up of the piggy made me smile! :)

  7. Love the shot of the pig. I had a pet pig when I was growing up and it was so fun. Great pics.

  8. the girl holding the dog is my fav! Lovely pics.

  9. Hi Alex! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that sweet comment! I always appreciate an encouraging comment... I'm sure you understand. :) Anyway, your fruitstand series of shots are SO great!! Especially the jams in jars all lined up and the carrots. Makes my mouth water to look at them! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures! I love the one with the girl and the dog. The lighting is beautiful!