Sunday, 6 September 2009

Windsor & Sneak Peak!!

Windsor is beautiful! There's no two ways about it. It's home to the stunning Windsor Castle and there's even a Legoland (if that's your thing). Oh, and it's my shopping stop :).

Lizzie and I went there the other day, did some shopping, sat outside of the castle, ate pasties, admired the view, and enjoyed the summer weather. Perfect company. Perfect day.

I know that this is almost against being a woman, but I looove wrinkles.They're beautiful.

This is the sweetest old man :). He came up to Lizzie and me when we were waiting for the bus .. saw my camera, and stopped, posing. Lizzie and I were confused (what's the crazy old man doing stopping and staring at us??). Then I realised all he wanted was his picture taken haha. So I took it. Sooo cute.

That's it from Windsor.

I've spent almost all day editing some amazing photos taken at Lucy's incredible 21st birthday party last night, and I just HAVE to share one:

That's what best friends are for :):)
The rest should be coming very soon!!

Love to you all,

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  1. Alex, oh how wonderfully you find beauty in the everyday. The way you compose your images and find the flow and angles and the interestingness in the random inspires me!!

  2. Beautiful images! You captured that guys soul. My favorite is the book.

  3. my heart has officially melted. drip...drip..drip...

  4. the shot of the hands and the book are amazing - perfect capture!